Erling P. Strand

Erling i 2007
Retired from Østfold University College.
Mobile:   +47-92268256

Skype: erling.p.strand

General manager of a sole proprietorship Erling P Strand with the organization number: 877323102
Chairman of the board of Project Hessdalen
      which is a non-profit organization with the organization number: 931580566
Webmaster for Project Hessdalen old
Webmaster for Arendal og Engseth Vann og Avløpslag SA

I have a MSc.EE in physical electronics and telecommunications technology from NTNU The University of Trondheim. My study time was late 70ies, I was active in the student society Forsterkerkomitèen, which is part of Studentersamfundet.

1.February 1981 did I start working as a research fellow at the research department at Standard Telefon and Kabelfabrikk, located at Økern in Oslo. My main topic was fiberoptic communication. 1.August 1985 did I start working at EDAS Målesystemer, which was located in Eidsvoll. A small company developing and selling microprosessorbased measurement equipment. 1.August 1988 did I start lecturing at Østfold Ingeniørhøgskole, in the department of EDB- and Automatic, which was located in Sarpsborg. This department become later Department of Computer Science and Communication, located in Halden. I retired 1.August 2023.

I am born 1955, and married with Bente Strand in 1979. We live in Ullerøy, which is located in Sarpsborg municipality, Østfold county. it is a typical holiday area with a lot of cottages. We have two children, Lars Kristoffer Strand (born 1978) og Kristin Elise Strand Ørseng (born 1984). Lars Kristoffer is married with Mette Kristine Strand, and live at Åros in Røyken municipality. They have two children, the son Marius and the daughter Mathea. Kristin is married with Lars Martin Ørseng, and they live in Ullerøy. They have two daughters, Eira and Vilde. Lars Kristoffer has a Ph.D. in information security and work as a subject director at NSM. Kristin is a interior architect and run her own business: Ørseng interiørarkitektur.

I am one of the founders of Project Hessdalen and are now the chairman of the board of Project Hessdalen. I have participated a lot in the press and had a lot of presentations. A list of my talks, TV, radio/internet-interviews. Some of the journals.

I am the webmaster of
I am also the secretary and webmaster of Arendal og Engseth Vann og Avløpslag SA

I have been on scientific expeditions outback Australis, Mexico, and several in the USA and in Hessdalen.
I was the European representative of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) from 2007 to 2013, where the main task was to organize conferences in Europe for the SSE.

I am

I was also one of the key personnel of the International Earthlight Alliance (IEA), as long as IEA was in operation.

Some about my kindred.

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